Young People’s Counselling

We believe in the importance of a dedicated children & young people’s service, where young people up to the age of 25 don’t feel the pressure to fit into a model designed for adults.

The Apple Tree Centre provides a safe place for teenagers to explore their often confusing and overwhelming feelings and thoughts. While some young people prefer to talk, others find this difficult and require a more creative approach to help them understand and express themselves. Working creatively can help clients to see their problems from a different angle, find unexpected connections and solutions, and bypass some of their usual habits and defences to go straight to the root of their difficulties. We work in a way that allows the young person to find the medium that works best for them, therefore they have access to all our expressive play and art equipment and can choose what works for them.

Young people develop at different rates for different reasons, and the human brain continues to change in shape and structure up to the age of 25.  Our young people’s service recognises the developmental needs of this age group, while respecting the growing independence of young adults.

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