Self referral – what will happen?

Due to overwhelming demand, we are unable to accept new self-referrals for the foreseeable future. 

When you reach the top of our waiting list, we will do our best to identify the most suitable therapist to support you or your child, including identifying and reserving a regular appointment.

We will then make an appointment with this therapist for a more in-depth consultation. This is an opportunity for you to ask more questions about the therapy that has been suggested, as well as talking about your situation and receiving some support. We usually recommend that parents or carers of young children attend this appointment on their own. Some parents of older children find it helpful to have them join the meeting so that they can be fully involved in the process. If you are a young person referring yourself, you are welcome to attend on your own or to invite  someone to support you.  This session is charged at our standard rate of £55 (rising to £60 as of 1st August 2022).

(Read more about our fees here)

If you decide to go ahead, the therapist will arrange a regular appointment for you, your child or family. These are usually weekly or fortnightly.

We will agree a review date, usually after about six therapy sessions.  You will meet your child’s therapist (during the Covid-19 lockdown, this will be online) to discuss how things are going, provide any useful feedback from therapy, and decide what to do next. In most cases, we would expect a course of therapy to last a minimum of 12-16 sessions, with a review approximately every six sessions. After the last review we usually recommend one or two final sessions to say goodbye and reinforce the changes that have occurred.

If at any time you feel that the therapist you have been recommended is not suitable for your needs, please discuss your concerns with them or with Jenny or Rosie, and we will do our best to address these. Your therapist might also recommend a change, either because their assessment suggests that a different approach would be more effective for you (for example, family therapy rather than individual, or a more creative rather than a talk-based approach), or because a different member of our team has more specialised knowledge. You will always be given the opportunity to talk through any recommendations and to meet the new therapist before deciding whether or not to begin work with them.