Information for Professionals

We are able to offer tailored therapeutic packages.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss the needs of your clients in more detail.

Intensive one-year support package

We have designed a package of support which takes place over approximately a year. This is particularly suited to children and families with complex needs, including post-adoption support.

The package is designed in three phases. Please note that the following information is intended as an illustration. A personalised quote will be provided after we have met the family and assessed their therapeutic needs.

Phase one: In-depth assessment of the child and family

Assesses parenting capacity, child’s emotional needs, attachment behaviours and social functioning

  • Semi-structured interviews with parents / carers
  • Family play observation
  • Written report
Phase two: Individual therapy

To address trauma, build resilience, and promote healthy attachments

  • 20 sessions of individual therapy for the child
  • 3 progress / review meetings with parents / carers
  • Up to 15 sessions of therapeutic support for parents / carers
  • Written report
Phase three: Filial and systemic therapy

To build attachment, address control issues and improve family dynamics

  • Participation in CPRT filial play therapy group programme


  • 16 sessions of dyadic filial play
  • 4 individual training / supervision sessions


  • 20 sessions of family therapy


    • Written recommendations for school staff
    • Final interview with parents / carers
    • Final written report



Less intensive interventions are also available, and may be suitable for children experiencing short-term difficulties. The following packages are intended as a guide only.

Short-term therapy: £1500


      • Assessment of the child and family
      • Eight individual therapy sessions
      • Review meeting with parents / carers
      • Written report to referrer
      • Letters to school and GP
Medium-term therapy: £2800


      • Assessment of child and family
      • Sixteen individual sessions
      • Two review meetings
      • Written report
      • Letters to school and GP

Additional prices are available on request, including costs for more in-depth assessments and reports, participation in multi-agency groups, etc. All invoices will be subject to VAT where applicable.

Please feel free to contact us with details of your specific needs, and we will be happy to put together a package to suit you and your clients.