Information for Professionals

We are able to offer tailored therapeutic packages.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss the needs of your clients in more detail.

Intensive support package

Our therapeutic model is designed to support the ongoing developmental needs of children and young people alongside systemic support for parents / carers. This approach is particularly suited to children and families with complex needs, including post-adoption support.

Please note that the following information is intended as an illustration. A personalised quote will be provided after we have received a completed referral form.

Initial consultation

Gains an overview of parenting capacity, child’s emotional needs, attachment behaviours and social functioning, in order to inform therapy

  • Semi-structured interviews with parents / carers
  • Family play observation (if appropriate)
Individual therapy

To address trauma, build resilience, and promote healthy attachments

  • Individual weekly therapy sessions for the child or young person
  • Regular progress / review meetings with parents / carers
Systemic support

To promote and support therapeutic parenting, including understanding attachment needs, setting and maintaining appropriate boundaries 

  • Therapeutic Parenting Support (online or in person)
Final report, including recommendations

Please note that this work, if offered, often runs alongside the individual therapy provided to the child in order to support that therapy and build resilience in the family as a whole.

Less intensive interventions are also available, and may be suitable for children experiencing short-term difficulties. We provide a bespoke quote for each child or family, based on a basic rate of £125 per session. All invoices will be subject to VAT where applicable.

Please feel free to contact us with details of your specific needs, and we will be happy to put together a package to suit you and your clients.