Fees for individuals and families (private referrals)

Individual or Family Therapy

Individual therapy is charged to families at a rate of £55 per session (rising to £60 as of 1st August 2022). This cost applies to all sessions, including consultations, assessments and reviews, and includes VAT where applicable.

Each standard therapy session lasts for 50 minutes.

Family therapy is also charged at a rate of £55 per 50 minute session (rising to £60 as of 1st August 2022). Depending on your family size and other circumstances, your therapist may recommend longer sessions for family therapy, and these are charged pro rata.

We ask for payments via BACS transfer wherever possible but are also able to accept cash or cheques made payable to The Apple Tree Centre.

Professionally Funded Therapy

If your child is adopted or is on a Special Guardianship Order after experiencing foster care, or if you live in Sheffield and your child has been affected by sexual abuse, we may be able to access funding to offer therapy to you free of charge. Please contact us for more information.

If you are a professional wishing to make a referral, please visit the ‘‘Information for Professionals” section of the website.