These quotes are anonymised and taken from feedback given after our last CPRT course which ran before the summer holidays. We had a group of four parents with the ages of the children ranging from 4 to 9 years old.

“I can’t believe how much change there has been over 10 weeks.”

“I was very impressed by the course and how it helped with [my child’s] and my own difficulties.”

“It’s made me realise just how much their emotions have impacted on me”

“Rosie and Jenny are both brilliant, really supportive and professional. The group environment is really useful and it’s comforting to understand that others are experiencing similar challenges” 

“If I do the half hour special play, he doesn’t ask me to play with him all the time”

“I’ve learned a better way to communicate with [my child]”

“Rosie and Jenny are very in tune with people’s feelings and excellent communicators and listeners with some very useful advice”

“It’s made a huge difference; he’s eating better, he’s less anxious about things and he’s talking to me a lot more”