Video Interaction Guidance (VIG)


Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) is an evidence based programme which supports building stronger relationships. VIG can be used to support all age groups, but is usually offered to families with young children.


VIG can be used to:

  • Improve interactions between the parent/carer and child.

  • Help parents and carers gain strategies and insight to improve behaviour.

  • Improve communication and identify children’s cues.

  • Allow time spent together to become more pleasurable.

  • Support parents and carers to gain more self confidence.

After an initial consultation at the Apple Tree Centre, VIG is usually offered in the family home or another familiar environment.​

  • The work takes place in “cycles”, consisting of two visits: of a filming session taking around 20 minutes, followed by a 60 minute shared review session, watching the film.

  • The VIG practitioner will film an agreed activity set with you within the home/setting, using a small handheld camera.

  • The VIG practitioner then edits the film and selects between 1-4 clips lasting between 3 to 10 seconds to share at the shared review.

  • It is recommended that three or four cycles take place to be effective.

  • Due to the editing and travel time required, each visit is charge at 1.5 times our usual session rate, so a cycle currently costs £150 (£165 from 7th April onwards).


Supporting infants and communication needs

Some communications are not expressed through words, so it is important for parents and carers to become attuned to all the other ways communication takes place. Neuroscience shows us that when we support communication by attuning to another person’s initiatives, it allows these interactions to happen more frequently, changing the structure of the brain which has a long term effect on reinforcing positive interactions.


This video explains more about the process of Video Interaction Guidance:



And this video gives some parents’ and carers’ experiences of VIG:


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