Speech, Language and Communication Therapy

Social Communication Skills:

Our Speech and Language Therapist specialises in supporting children and young people who struggle to communicate in a way that is socially appropriate, safe or effective.

This includes things like:

  • Getting into a lot of fights or arguments.
  • Struggling to express feelings safely.
  • Struggling to ask for help or stand up for themselves.
  • Struggling to know what to do or say around others.
  • Struggling to cope in social situations.
  • Doing things to hurt others to show them how they feel.
  • Bullying others.

Therapy sessions will be planned to suit the child or young person’s interests, preferences and personality. Sarah uses different activities, including games, discussion, role-play and video-feedback. She helps people to understand more about how we communicate, and to build their communication skills, self-esteem and confidence.

Assessment of language skills:

Many young people with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties have unrecognised language difficulties; trouble understanding and expressing themselves verbally. Without support, these difficulties can contribute to low self-esteem and social isolation. Many young people find ways to cope by hiding their language difficulties, but this can make them seem challenging or naughty. (e.g. not giving others a chance to talk, so as not to reveal their lack of understanding or by saying they’re not interested or don’t care, so people can’t tell that they didn’t understand what was said.) Sarah can identify these language difficulties and provide strategies that the young people and those interacting with them can use to make it easier for them to understand and express themselves.

Younger Children

Sarah offers sessions with younger children and their parents/carers to help support language and communication development.  Please see below for a short video showing how Sarah engages Pre-school children in online sessions:

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