Assessments we can offer

Assessment of speech, language and social communication difficulties. This means getting to know your child, and finding out how they:

    • Understand what people say,
    • Express themselves,
    • Get along with other people.

Exploration of sensory regulation needs. This means talking to your child about how they see, hear, smell, taste, feel, move and balance (together, these things are called “sensory information”).

    • Some people find sensory information overwhelming (e.g. loud noises are painful).
    • Some people feel like they aren’t getting enough sensory information to feel OK and be able to do things (e.g. People say they are “in their own bubble”)
    • Some people get into trouble, or annoy people because they move around a lot and fidget to try to get enough sensory information to feel OK.

There are things we can do to help your child cope when they aren’t getting the right amount of sensory information.

Autism Assessment for Diagnosis

We cannot currently formally diagnose autism at the Apple Tree Centre. This is because we don’t have a specialist “multi-disciplinary team” – this means more than one expert who is trained to decide whether or not someone has autism. Only our speech and language therapist is trained to do this, and this is a decision that needs to be made by at least two people together. We can offer advice about seeking a diagnosis however and provide a supporting report you can take to your GP or to the specialist NHS team.