Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) Groups for Parents & Carers

Our parenting courses run each term and the next one will begin on Wednesday 17th January 2018 at 12.30pm. The group meets for two hours a week for ten weeks, with a break for half term.

Bookings are now being taken and an intial deposit of £75 (or £130 per couple) is required to secure your place.  Please book here

Child-Parent Relationship Therapy is a structured, supportive group programme for parents and carers. Delivered by qualified and experienced Play Therapists, the course teaches parents to run “mini Play Therapy” sessions with their own children, helping them to understand their children’s behaviour and emotions. The group provides a therapeutic environment for parents to explore the difficulties they are having with their children, and to develop mutual support. If necessary, CPRT can also be provided on a one-to-one basis to individuals or couples.

Training is usually provided to small groups of parents and carers, in ten weekly sessions of two hours each.  Additional individual support can be offered if this is needed. The course is delivered through a mixture of presentations, video clips, group discussions, demonstration and skills practice, including discussion and debrief of the play sessions carried out at home.

Unlike many parenting courses, which ask carers to apply the new skills they are learning consistently throughout their parenting, CPRT trains parents to deliver one half-hour play session per week.  This makes the programme very manageable for the majority of parents, while the effects of the weekly session and the communication between parent and child during this time can have extremely positive effects on all aspects of the parent-child relationship. Parents are taught

  • to identify and respond to their children’s feelings
  • to use reflective listening skills
  • to set effective limits, and
  • to enhance their children’s self esteem.

We have featured on a BBC Radio Sheffield interview with Rony Robinson, where we talked about the course as well as about our Play Therapy work at the Apple Tree Centre.

CPRT is equally suited to enhancing already positive parent-child relationships, enabling parents to support their children through particularly difficult experiences, and helping to build relationships which are new or have been damaged by ill health or life events.  The system has proved effective in many different situations, including

  • families with step parents and children
  • foster and adoptive families
  • parents who are imprisoned
  • families affected by physical and mental illness
  • children recovering from trauma and abuse.

CPRT is a filial play therapy approach. Developed in the United States by Garry Landreth, a respected practitioner and teacher of Play Therapy, this model is relatively new to the UK. However, the principles on which it is based have been used therapeutically since the 1960s, and the programme is constantly adapted to ensure that it is equally appropriate for parents and families in Britain.


We accept referrals and enquiries at any time. Please contact us for more information, or to discuss whether this is approach will be suitable for your family.

The total cost of the course is £375 per participant, or £650 per couple. This includes training materials and light refreshments. We ask for an initial payment of £75 (£130 per couple), to cover the first two group sessions. If you decide to continue with the course, the remainder of the money is payable either as a lump sum or in instalments of £75 (or £130) every two weeks. Families who are new to the Apple Tree Centre will also be encouraged to arrange an assessment meeting before beginning the course.

Please note that these rates are for private individuals, paying for their own place on the course. If you are a professional wishing to make a referral, please contact us for the appropriate prices.